Night / Limited Visibility

Night / Limited Visibility
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Diving at night means excitement, adventure and fascination all at the same time!

The underwater world is a new and mystical world for us. While diving at night you can discover a different side of this world and you can experience it from a completely different view.

It is incredibly beautiful and fascinating to get into the water at dusk and with the last rays of light in home waters. Everything is still quieter than usual. With the right equipment and the circumstances customized UW-lamp with a little luck you can even watch  fish in the hunt.

Of course, every night dive is an adventure, all you see is what illuminates the glow of its own dive light and the buddy.

Basic requirement for the NIGHT / LIMITED VISIBILITY adventure is good coordination and overall good diving skills that are also required during the two dives improved. Who controls this, his night dive plan well and has suitable equipment here will be rewarded with dives of a special kind.

Course Content:

  • Night vs. Limited Visibility Diving
  • Special Equipment
  • Preparing For The Dive
  • The Dive
  • Advanced Techniques

The primary goal of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment. All courses are taught using home study, short academic sessions, and in-water Training. With our SSI Specialties its all about fun and learning new skills. Practical diving experience is here in the first place.

You can also learn more activities and ideally combined with NIGHT / LIMITED VISIBILITY, such as the Specialty Course programs NAVIGATION or SEARCH AND RECOVERY. The possibilities are endless, because in our dive center and in the tourist areas around the world, there is so much to discover at night. 

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