Diver Stress & Rescue

Diver Stress & Rescue
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"What if something happens ???"

When driving the car the first aid course is first completed and then you make the second one. When diving, diving is once learned and then dipped. But what if something does not agree with a buddy? If a diver gets into stress under water? If a choking or water in the mask has and shoots to the surface? Or at the surface is too tired to swim back to the boat or on land?

"Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies."

There are numerous small stressful situations that can be received with immediate and proper action in the handle before the stress degenerates into panic. But that must be practiced and played. There is the DIVER STRESS & RESCUE program! This is the level to which any responsible scuba divers should continue his education.

Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations and diving accidents. Through this course you will learn accident prevention, as well as how to handle problem situations if they occur. The program is about avoiding, recognizing and solving problems on the surface and underwater.

In this course you will participate in academic and in-water sessions in the pool/confined water and in the open water. As a prerequisite for certification you need to have a valid CPR, First Aid & Oxygen Provider certificate within the last two years is requiredThis certification can be purchased in conjunction with the React Right program. 

Course Content:

  • What Is Stress?
  • Stress In Diving:Causes And Prevention
  • Detecting And Dealing With Stress
  • Accident Management
  • Skills Needed To Deal With Panic And Rescues
  • Conditions That Complicate Rescues

The primary goal of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment. All courses are taught using home study, short academic sessions, and in-water Training. With our SSI Specialties its all about fun and learning new skills. Practical diving experience is here in the first place. Because then you can fully enjoy the fun in the water and you will simply be a better and more responsible diver after the first exercises despite the serious subject.

You can also learn more activities and ideally combined with DIVER STRESS & RESCUE, such as the Specialty Course programs from React Right. The possibilities are limitless, because only confidence and security due to proper training allow you relaxing and easy dives around the globe.

Book now and save your advantageous price with early booking!

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