Diving Shipwreck

Diving Shipwreck
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KRON DIVING is the best address for Tek Diving in Croatia.

XR Nitrox course up to Full Trimix diver and instructor are available. For who have already an SSI certification or from another recognize agency, we offer special dives between 50 to 90 meters. There are different wrecks from I and II world war. Rebreather divers are, of course, welcome and have our total support. We organize excursion to different wreck. And thanks to our fast speedboat, we can reach also the ones that are further away.

There are different possibilities like: SS Albanien (72 mt), SS Euterpe (78 mt), MFP a Rab (86 mt), Audace/TA20 (78 mt),  Melpomene UJ202 (80 mt), Spingarda UJ208 (80 mt), HMS Aldenham (78 mt),  Nanos (90 mt)


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Kron Diving Center

In 1996, the family-owned company, opened Kron Diving Center on the island of Rab. The Kron Diving Center is located in the beautiful bay of Kampor directly at the sea and has its own jetty. Andreas Kron managing the company from the beginning and is now one of the "old-established" instructor / instructor trainer in Croatia. The spacious facility offers the comforts you could wish for a memorable diving holiday.  Here the whole family will enjoy. For our little ones offers the sand and the warm shallow water, just outsi...


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