Mares & rEvo Rebreather news

Mares & rEvo Rebreather news
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MARES Enters the World of Rebreather Diving.

MARES is excited to announce that effective July 1st 2016 they have signed an agreement to acquire 100% of REVO BVBA Belgium, one of the world's leading Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) manufacturers.
After the successful introduction of “Extended Range,” a new line of diving equipment specifically designed for Advanced and Technical diving, the rEvo CCR will complete the MARES XR Line offering anyone the opportunity to not only go beyond the limits and extend their range – now they can do it silently getting even closer to the marine life.
For a long time, Rebreathers have been exclusive to only the extreme Technical market. Mainly this was due to the cost and complexity of the unit. The objective for acquiring rEvo is to broaden the rebreather community by making rebreathers more affordable while maintaining the quality and performance.
rEvo, Brugge/Belgium, will continue to market and sell the Rebreathers, and MARES will support the company with their research and development, manufacturing facilities and their worldwide distribution network.
“We are excited! Both rEvo and MARES are driven by innovation and technology. We are convinced that this acquisition will be a ‘game changer’ to bring rEvo and Rebreather diving to a whole new level,” stated Paul Raymaekers, rEvo Managing Director.
Gerald Skrobanek, MARES President, “The addition of rEvo is just another example of our continued quest for quality and performance. rEvo will simply strengthen our brand and complete the XR Line and our product offerings.”
MARES, “Just Add Water!”

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