Aquarium is located on the north side of Grgur. We usually anchor the boat where you can see a small beach of Grgur.

We start with the wall, to our left shoulder. The cliff drops to a depth of over 40 m. It is covered with yellow and orange sponges, large and tiny holes where conger, octopus and lobster hide. The wall is covered with various species of nudibranchs, such as the giant doris, spotted sea snail, pink flabellina, golden sponge snail (hard to spot because it camouflages itself on yellow sponges) and, if you’re lucky, the striped fat sponge snail (Antiopella) . On the way back, with the wall on our right, you can see schools of damselfish and various bream above you. If you see a font perch near a hole, be sure there is an octopus hiding there! The safety stop can be carried out in the shallow area near the anchor. In this area you can look for anemones and try to spot the harlequin shrimp or the spider crab. Aquarium can be used as shallow or deep diving, just stay on the wall and determine your depth.

Minimum certification:Jr Scuba diver
5m to 40m

Suitable for beginners and experienced.