Canyon is also located on the north side of the island of Grgur. Is easy to reach and has a sheltered little bay, perfect for anchoring the boat. Canyon takes between 15-20 min drive.

The dive starts at about 5-10m depth. Swim out of the bay and keep the wall of the big rock on your left. The wall tapers to a point and creates a long nose. The top is about 18-20 m deep and the bottom 40 m deep. This wall is full of colourful sponges, anemones and different kinds of nudibranchs. If you always keep the wall to your left shoulder, you can find a nice drop-off. In this wall you can find conger, octopus, lobster and more nudibranchs. On the way back to about 12 m depth, you can see the canyon. If you take the canyon, you can start your safety stop. When you come out of the canyon, you will find the boat’s anchor. The gorge is a crack between two steep walls, covered with sponges and clouds of damselfish and bream.

Minimum certification:Jr Scuba diver
5m to 40m

Suitable for beginners and experienced.