This dive site is located on the north side of Prvic Island. There are two ways to anchor. One between Prvic Island and the rock where there is a tunnel, or in front of the rock on the north side.

This dive site has a beautiful tunnel that starts at the depth of 15m, goes straight through the rock and comes out at a depth of 9m. There is also a beautiful wall, on the northern side, that goes down to 40 m. The wall is full of sponges, white corals, anemones, various schools of fish, octopus, conger and nudibranchs. On the way back to the boat, the shallow area is full of scorpion fish, nudibranchs, mullet, various species of sea bream, salemas and writing perch.

The inside of the tunnel is a great place to discover different species of nudibranchs that live in our sea.

Minimum certification:Jr Scuba diver
:8m to 40m

Suitable for beginners and experienced.