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We are all responsible for protecting our aquatic resources. For example when you are diving, remember always to follow the responsible diver code, here some reminder:

Only use a swim-through if you can do so without touching anything.  Do not touch or break corals. Use the correct water entry / exit points. Do not hunt or bother animals. Do not touch animals unless properly trained. Do not feed animals. Do not take souvenirs from the sea - broken coral pieces or empty snail shells still serve as useful habitat. Do not disturb animals or habitat to improve your photo opportunit.

You can actively protect your underwater world by learning about the underwater ecosystem and practicing proper buoyancy control on every dive. SSI has developed some useful programs to help you improve your skills.

For more information contact us at or you can check the website Blue Oceans.


Lack of training, carelessness, negligence, and ignorance by humans can cause great damage to the oceans. With the free Blue Oceans program, we explain the importance of protecting the oceans, and how anybody can easily contribute to this cause in their day-to-day life.

We must start with ourselves to make things better. We must be role models and pass along our commitment to others. We must open the eyes of our families, friends, and acquaintances and encourage them to become “marine ambassadors“ as well. Education and training are the first steps.

You can also join Blue Oceans, learn more about the environment and how you can help.

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