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CCR Courses

Diving with Rebreather – A Very Special Experience!

Enjoy the future of sportive diving with  a very special experience.
Rebreather diving differs from the classic recreational diving with open circuit.
We offer discovery days as well as complete courses for rEvo Rebreather.

For all divers, who already have a Rebreather, we offer full support.

Prerequisites: 50 CCR dives of any type, 20 CCR dives deeper than 30 meters. At least ten CCR dives requiring staged decompression.
Minimum certification: CCR Extended Range.
A medical certificate can be request.
Duration: 6 days


The CCR Technical Extended Range program provides divers with the training necessary to independently plan and conduct multiple-stop decompression dives to depths up to 60 meters, using trimix, specialized diving equipment and procedures with an equally- or more-qualified dive buddy.

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