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Wreck diving

Beautiful wrecks laying down below recreational diving depth limits.
We can take you for wrecks diving from 55m to 90m. From 15 to 45 minutes of cruising from our Diving Center.
9 wrecks from I and II World War period to recently sunked one. 

Check our breath-taking underwater pictures of wrecks around Rab island!

DEPTH: 78-86M
SANK: 24.10.1944


The naval ferries (MFP) were the largest and most powerful landing craft of the German Navy. According to records, it is assumed that this is the MFP with the identifier no. F433. It was among other things used for the transport of tanks and trucks.

On 23.10.1944,  F433 joined a convoy. In the evening, the convoy was attacked. During the fight, F433 was hit serval times. The damaged MFP F 433 sailed to Rab.

On 24.10.1944 they planed to move to the bay “Zavratnica“ where are the german´s where based. On its way to Zavratnica it sunk on 24.10.1944 about 3.5 nautical miles of WSW from Jablanac by the island Dolin.

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