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Wreck diving

Beautiful wrecks laying down below recreational diving depth limits.
We can take you for wrecks diving from 55m to 90m. From 15 to 45 minutes of cruising from our Diving Center.
9 wrecks from I and II World War period to recently sunked one. 

Check our breath-taking underwater pictures of wrecks around Rab island!

DEPTH: 56-72M
SANK:  04.06.1916


On June 4, 1916 the Albania was sunk by a torpedo hit by the Italian submarine Atropo. The torpedo hit is at the rear on the control board side.

Today the Albania stands upright at a depth of 72m as if it wanted to drive away.
It lies close to the coast where visibility is better than on other wrecks in Kvarneric mainly because fishing is not allowed in this area, and nets do not disturb the sediments.

The Italian divers of the WDS dove Albanien in 1999 and 2000, and found that the wreck struck the rocks with its stern. It lies on a sandy and muddy bottom, and is relatively well accessible. The deck is well preserved, the stern is damaged, but the two masts and a part of the superstructure still stand in their places, as well as the ship's reflector.

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