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Explore the beauty of our walls, covered of colorfull sponges.
Discover our underwater fauna, and be amazed buy the stunning visibility and the different species we have. Dive in the croatian cristal water.

Minimum certification: Jr Scuba diver
5m to 40m
Suitable for beginners and advanced


Sugar cone is located on the northern side of Grgur Island, and it has a bight, where we can easy drop the anchor in 5m. The wall starts from the surface and drops down till 40m. Keeping the wall on your right side, you can circumnavigate the deep side on one way and on your way back the shallower side. The deepest side of the wall is covered with colourful sponges, where you can find many different species of nudibranch. On the plateau near the anchor, you have a lot of cracks in the wall where you can go and explore, while you are doing your safety stop. The best time to dive here is in the morning, when the sun lights the wall.

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