Whether you simply want to continue your education or start a whole new career, being an SSI Dive Professional is a very gratifying experience!

Besides all the fun you will have, becoming a dive professional is personally and financially rewarding.

This programme provides the skills and experience necessary to safely lead groups of certified divers and is the first step to an exciting career as an SSI Professional without having to complete an instructor programme.

Professional dive guides can work for SSI Dive Centers and conduct dives in a wide variety of environments and conditions.

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Prerequisites: 15 years (Must be 18 years old to work as a professional dive guide with active status). 40 logged dives.Minimum certification: Diver Stress & RescueHolds the following certifications or can show proof of at least 5 experience dives in the following categories: Deep Diving, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility.Duration: 6 days.

The Dive Guide, supplemented by the SSI Science of Diving programme, becomes a Divemaster.

This allows the Divemaster to assist SSI instructors with training under direct supervision in the pool and open water – experience for the future!

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Requirements: 18 years old. 60 logged dives.

SSI Certifications: Science Of Diving and in active status Professional Dive Guide

This programme will help you become a successful SSI Assistant Instructor by providing you with the necessary skills, teaching concepts and practical experience.

You will learn all about our innovative digital learning system and our training philosophy.

You will learn how to support other instructors in running programmes and learn to teach a variety of SSI programmes independently.

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Requirements: 18 years old. 60 logged dives.

Minimum certification: Divemaster.

Duration: 5 days

The SSI Instructor Training Course provides candidates with the knowledge and training required to organise and deliver diving courses for beginners.

It is also intended to prepare candidates for successful completion of an Instructor Evaluation.

You can become an SSI Open Water Instructor after successfully passing the Instructor Evaluation.

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Prerequisites: 18 years old.75 logged dives.

Minimum certification: Assistant Instructor

Duration: 6 days

Once you are an Open Water Instructor, you can start working towards Specialty Instructor. You can qualify by attending special teacher seminars.

You can choose between a long list of options.

When you become a Specialty Instructor, you have the opportunity to enhance your experience.

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Requirements: 18 years old

Minimum certification: Assistant Instructor. For Ecology Specialty, the minimum certification is Divemaster.

This programme provides participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and training to plan and deliver the Assistant Instructor programme.

Candidates will learn how to assess and give feedback to Dive Pro candidates on many different theory and water lessons.

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Requirements: 18 years old.

Minimum certification: Divemaster Instructor.

Duration: 6 days

SSI has a simplified crossover system for instructors affiliated with accredited sport, technical or freediving agencies.

We believe that since you are already an instructor, you only need to know how the SSI system and philosophy works and the specific skills.

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Requirements: 18 years old

Duration: 2 days