Welcome TO RAB

Discover the beauty of the island of Rab

Welcome to Rab!!!! Rab is truly a “happy island” with its 30 sandy beaches and with many small picturesque bays that tourists from all over the world have appreciated for 125 years.

To this day, Rab enjoys great popularity thanks to its crystal clear warm and shallow sea and is an ideal vacation destination for the whole family.

Rab cuisine is very simple and lightly spiced, but incredibly tasty, mainly because the ingredients grow mainly on the island or are caught fresh. On Rab you can find more than 300 restaurants.

Because of its beautiful green nature, Rab is sometimes called the emerald island. With more than a total of 100 kilometers of bike paths that exist on the island, a bike tour is probably the best way to enjoy your vacation on Rab. We recommend the paths that lead through oak forests to the beaches. The four bell towers of Rab. Like the Four Ship’s Masts: the towers of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. John the Evangelist, the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle un and the Church of St. Justina.

But it is also important that there is enough water on Rab. Therefore, we ask you to drink it instead of buying it in plastic bottles . In this way, you will help protect the environment in which we live and which you love to visit.

The weather on Rab is very pleasant: here warm summers alternate with mild winters, which results in a special type of Mediterranean climate. More than 30% of the island is covered with plants of very different kinds, from aromatic bushes on the karstic mountain slopes of Kamenjak to lush pine and oak forests inhabited by hares, pheasants and birds of prey; on the neighboring island of Sv. Grgur you can even find deer.



From Rijeka, Karlovac or Zadar the ferry port “Stinica” is about 1,5 – 2 hours drive away. The ferry terminal on the island of Rab is called “Misnjak” and is located in the south of the island. The ferries run all year round and the trip takes 15 minutes. Ferries depart at 1 to 2 hour intervals and in the summer up to 3 ferries depart non-stop. The ferry service is the best connection of the island with the mainland!


There is a possibility to travel to Croatia with several airlines. The best arrival airport for the island of Rab is Rijeka Airport. We will gladly book an airport transfer for you. Of course, transfers to other airports can also be arranged. Just send us a mail with your wishes.
Here is the connection to the main airports near Rab. Please contact us to organize your transer to and from the island!


Besides diving, there are a variety of activities in Rab.

These include e-bike rentals, sport boat rides, kayaking, boat charters, sailing, parties and festivals, big game fishing tours, paintball, cycling tours, hiking tours, chill out sessions, jet skiing, beach volleyball, yoga and meditation, guided tours of the old town of Rab and much more.
For the whole family “from young to old” there are many possibilities !!! We can help you find the best additional activity for you!

We hope you enjoy your vacation in Rab!