Very similar to Gonar, Maman is located in the bay of “Maman” near Supertaska Draga bay. Maman has more or less the same underwater formation as Gonar, two tongues of rock. As soon as you reach the outer one, cross a stretch of sand, look closely, here you can find gurnard fish hiding in the sand along with squid. On the other side of the sandy area are 2 large rocks. This shallow area is about 15-18 m, while the deeper side is about 26 m. These rocks serve as hiding places for conger, octopus and lobster. Maman is perfect for beginners or for those who do not have much experience. Maman is for us one of the best dive sites for night dives. During the night you can watch the octopus hunt or view all the lobster species that hide during the day. And with a bit of luck, you may even see squid.

Minimum certification: Jr Scuba diver
Depth: 5m to 40m

Suitable for beginners and experienced.