Sika Tanki is also located on the island of Grgur, behind the canyon. This dive site is known for the current and its colourful wall. We anchor in 8-10 m depth and start the dive along the anchor line. The dive site resembles an 8. We usually start in the middle and stay with our left shoulder to the wall. The outer wall can go up to 40m and is covered in colourful sponges and gorgonians. Following the wall with the left shoulder, you will end up in the middle again, where there is a small tunnel at a depth of 10-15m. If you follow the line of 8, now you will be with the right shoulder on the wall, ending up going between the dive site and Grgur Island. This part is the shallow part of the dive where you can look for nudibranchs, scorpion fish, octopus and if you look in the anemones you can find spider crab or more likely harlequin shrimp.

Minimum certification: Jr Scuba diver
Depth: 5m to 40m

Suitable for beginners and experienced.