Silo is located on the southern side of the island of Prvic. This dive site is very beautiful, but quite far from our dive centre. To reach Silo, we need 30 min with our rubber dinghy. It is quite hard to find and the top starts at about 20m depth. The dive follows the anchor to reach the top of the point. Be careful in these diving areas we can have some strong currents. The south side of Pinnacle has a slope where the bottom can reach 40m and the wall is covered in colourful gorgonians. The north side, between the tip and Prvic Island has a beautiful channel where the bottom is about 30-40m deep. The flora and fauna here are breathtaking thanks to the strong current. The safety stop must be carried out on the anchor line. To dive here you should be an experienced diver.

Minimum certification:Deep divers
20m to 40m

Suitable for beginners and experienced.